An Image a week

I have been thinking that I am not doing enough artwork. It may be because I have two kids to chase when I get home, or not enough space to set up to do any work, but those are just excuses. I am going to set a goal to post one picture a week that is 'Art for Art's sake,' and not just a kid pic. To spend time doing this, when I have so many pictures of the girls that have not been edited or posted, means I will need to make myself work on the girls pictures as well. Maybe I will be able to get a post a week done of the girls as well. Hopefully I can keep to this schedule.


An old friend.


Another one from my trip to the lakefront last week.

Foggy Morning

A foggy morning at Pearce's farm.

Sunset at the Lakefront

Emma standing on the seawall. We were parking as the sun set, but it was still worth the trip.


We spent Saturday and Sunday with Pearce and his family at their farm in Mississippi. We had a great time. I finally got a chance to take a few pictures that fall under the art for art's sake ideal.


There wasn't too much to look at out there today. It was pretty gray. I think this image sums that up pretty well.

Christmas Photo Outtake

I took this while I was setting up the lights for the girls Christmas Portrait. Emma helped out by posing while I was trying to get the lights right. This was a little too dramatic, but I think it looks cool. And after saying I wasn't going to post kid pics, I start with a kid pic... oh well...

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